I wrote such a nice comment on my sister’s blog. It showed there too. But then when I tried to edit it, didn’t see any contents in the editor and the whole comment just vanished.

Just like that. *Poof!!*

I’m feeling very sad. The least wordpress could have was a version system for comments ( at least for uses who are already registered.

Chromium is such a creep. I thought it was a good browser. But nooooo, it just had to go all buggy WHEN I was trying to edit the comment. It has a really bad JavaScript engine which does not support few functionality.  Guess I can’t be too mad at it seeing it is a development build, but still … >.<

I guess I’m stuck with writing it all over again. TT__TT




Exam Woes!

April 28, 2010

Argh! These exams, they just kill me.

I have an exam in less than few hours and I haven’t been able to concentrate yet.

Still pondering over random facts and going through web comics.

I wonder what I will do.

A relationship always requires a constant effort to keep it going, but the endeavour has to be doubled if you are in a long distance relationship. Well, instead of whining about it in one part of the world and wondering whether your long-distance lover is serious about you or not, or is fooling around with you, take this quiz to know your long distance relationship’s chances of success.

1. When you leave a message for your partner, does he/she: Yes, responds every time; Usually responds; Rarely responds.

2. Does your partner indulge or respond to phone sex? Yes; No; Rarely.

3. How many times do you take the effort to travel the distance to meet? He/she usually makes the trip; Always; As convenient to both of us.

4. When with friends in the evenings, does your partner take time out and call you up to tell you about the evening? Yes; No; Sometimes.

5. During discussions, does your partner talk about his or her new interests? Yes; No; Sometimes.

6. Does (s)he reply to your mails with genuine interest? Yes; No; Depends on the availability of time and the interest of the topic.

7. Does your partner show an active interest in your daily activities? Yes; No; Only when it concerns him/her.

8. Does (s)he tell you that he/she is missing you? Yes, everyday; Several times a week; Never

9. Does your partner speak about his/her colleagues of the opposite sex? Yes; No; Sometimes.

10. Has the prospect of suspending your union until you’re both in the same location ever been discussed? Yes; No; There have been subtle hints.

Result: Give two points for every ‘Yes’ and deduct one point for any other answer 0-10: It’s time to re-consider your relationship, as your partner seems to have no plans to remain committed 10-15: There’s not much to be worried about, but take out time to discuss matters

I was stumbling through few posts on Yahoo! Answers when I came across the following post. It’s a question asked 3 years ago, but I feel the answer is still valid. The answer is well thought and makes you really understand the reason why many people have the misconception.


Question asked by Asker

Do you think because it so accepted now to be gay more children will become gay in the future?

And i don’t mean if they will be more eager to get out of the closet? or feel more comfortable about being naturally gay?
Or will they become it by experiencing it?

Will being gay become a norm, instead of an exception?
And also are people born gay or do the become gay?

Pardon my ignorance about this last question but i have little clue.

I don’t think i need to add i don’t believe there is anything wrong in being gay. And i also thing that being really homosexual is not only a matter of experimenting/expressing sexually. I think homosexuals are attracted to people of the same sex.
And i also think there is another type of person who are bisexual because they want to experiment sexually. So they choose to be gay.

I am curious on how/why someone becomes or is born gay?
I remember in high school in a biology class debate i came up with the crazy idea that homosexuality was nature looking for a way for people of the same sex to reproduce ( just kidding and me causing a debate as usual).

I do also think that the fact a gay people can’t have children makes it different than an heterosexual couple as, when you have a children with someone you love it’s truly amazing as two really become one. and you can see the fruit of the love.


Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

Hello and thank you for your question. I am not speaking as an expert, but as a gay man. Perhaps my experience and perspective would be useful to you.

What I can tell you from my experience is that people do not “become gay” any more than they become heterosexual. There is not choice involved. Whether or not sexual orientation is determined at conception, birth, or childhood is not known by anyone, not even psychologists, doctors or sociologists. However, what I can tell you is that no one becomes gay. People can not be converted to being gay or recruited to being gay.

Why then does the myth that people become gay or that gay people recruit people to be gay persist?

Well, it is not as complicated as it seems.

People do not become gay, but they do come out as gay. What I mean by this is that in a society where being gay carries such a negative stigma, many people are under a lot of pressure to deny their gayness. Many gays do not share their sexual orientation with others. In a culture where you can be legally discriminated against, be fired from a job, be excluded from major religion, or even be beaten and killed for being gay, there is immense pressure to deny it. Sadly, this means that many (maybe most) gay people initially deny it even to themselves.

The reason that people mistakenly believe that people become gay is because in adolescence and early adulthood many gay people go to great lengths to deny their sexual orientation. They pretend to be heterosexual, often even to themselves. They will date members of the opposite sex, many will even marry and have children trying to convince others and even themselves that they are “normal”.

As some of these people mature, they learn about themselves, they gain insights into their own character, and many ultimately realize their sexual orientation. Once they realize who they are and that they are gay….once they admit that they are gay to themselves, they often want to share this part of themselves with other people. To those people it sometimes appears that the person has “become gay” when in fact they were always gay but denied it because they live in a culture that does not accept it.

The reason that some people mistakenly believe that gay people “recruit” other gay people to be gay is simple really. When people are going through an inner turmoil they often seek support or find comfort in others who have been through or who share the same inner turmoil. So naturally when gay people are struggling with the inner turmoil of coming out to themselves and others, they find comfort in others who have been through the process….other gays. Then once a person has admitted to themselves they are gay and they have decided to stop creating the image that they are gay they will tend to start associating with other gay people. Ultimately, the person will share their sexual orientation with others.

Thing about the perspective of the heterosexual person watching this process happen to a friend from the outside. What the heterosexual person sees is that this person that they have known (sometimes for years) starts associating with gay people. Gays start calling. Gays start coming around. Gays start taking this previously straight person out to gay events. Then, after some time, the person that has appeared to be heterosexual their whole life comes out and starts dating people of the same sex. Well, of course to the heterosexual observer who has been sheltered from issues of sexual orientation, this looks like those gay people recruited or converted their friend or loved one to be gay. In reality the gay people were simply providing a support system to help the person that has deceived themselves for years come to terms with their sexual orientation.

So, you see, the idea that people become gay, or that gay people convert or recruit other people to be gay is a completely understandable misinterpretation of the facts by a person who does not understand the process of coming out. As the American culture becomes more educated and more comfortable with homosexuality, these myths will go away.

As society becomes more accepting and understanding of homosexuality, it will be easier for people to come out. The process will start to occur in adolescence rather than adulthood. More gay people will come out earlier. On the surface this will appear that homosexuality is becoming more frequent or that more children are growing up to be gay. In reality this will again be a misinterpretation of the facts. It will appear that more children are growing up to be gay when the reality is that the number of gay people is constant but more people are coming to terms with it earlier.

I personally believe that the percentage of gay citizens is fixed around 5-8%. However, there is really not much hard scientific research to support this and the number might be higher or lower. The reason that it seems much less common to the heterosexual observer is, again, many people do not share their homosexuality with others.

I hope that these insights from the gay perspective are helpful.



Mindless Indulgence

April 3, 2010

A cute boy asks some girls “What software do you use?”. A girl tells her friend that she misses her mother since the last time she visited her home was on December. A tall guy swings a packet full of junk food while laughing with his friends. Yet another girl divulges her view on some topic to her boyfriend.

“Why is it that the world at large doesn’t care about the ‘real problems’?” would be the question that strikes in the mind of a by-passer. What does he men by the ‘real problem’? Is the definition of ‘real problem’ same for everyone? Is there a variant of ‘real problems’ that this by-passer thinks of? Is he sure that he ‘real problem’ he talks of really ‘real’?

Seriously, I’ve been trying to fix elgg (an open-source social networking site) but been failing. It was until later that I realized that all the missing options are due to the very old version that the limedomains application installer installed. Elgg does not have any way to automatically update. So I’m just deleting the default application and installing it on my own.

Hopefully I’ll be able to set up the default site soon.


March 7, 2010

I’ve got too much on my mind lately. I’ve got this crazy English CAF to submit tomorrow. I haven’t even started it. I really should though.

I also have this whole Behavioral Science Presentation and SAP project to submit next Wednesday; and don’t even get me started on my French minor 😦 this Wednesday.

I really need to go to my Grandmother’s place. But the trains ae a bitch. I can’t seem to find the right timings.

Guess this is what happens when you stall everything for the last moment. You realize that you don’t have any time left to do what you need to do, and you realize that you didn’t even do the things that your really wanted to do.

Woe is me.

I guess I should just suck it up and do what I can now.